Monday, 25 September 2017

Elnecot Blossom Street Manchester 24th September 2017

Elnecot is a newly opened bar and kitchen in the trendy Ancoats area of Manchester and has a really interesting story, as to how it gained its name.

The first recording of Ancoats was in 1212, as a small settlement of a few dwellings, known as Elnecot, a name derived from the Old English 'Ana Cots' or 'Lonely Cottages'.

I knew Elnecot had vegan options and so after a visit to Grub's Plant Powered Sunday at Mayfield for lunch, it was the perfect place for a light dinner, prior to catching our train.   The inside is urban cool, modern but not minimalist, with big sofas, trestle tables and a huge bar, leading onto a long open plan kitchen.

There is a concise wine list which includes British wines, many organic and biodynamic, so I chose a Davenport Horsmonden organic wine made in Sussex.   This is clean and delicate, with a slight sparkle and reminded me a little of a Portuguese Vinho Verde, it was delicious.

I wish I had eaten less at lunch time, so I could sample more of the dishes, but it gives me a good excuse to make a return visit.   I chose aubergine and mint balls, with tomato sauce, roast lemon and thyme potatoes and sexy greens, all excellent choices.

The food is well cooked and seasoned, packed with flavour and even though I rate my own cooking, the aubergine and mint balls were way better than any I make or have eaten.   I was also impressed that Elnecot use 100% recycled napkins too.

I had a chat with chef/co-owner Michael Clay and although I quizzed him, he would not spill the beans on their 'Disco Cauli' dish, so guess what I will be having next visit.   Michael is working on a layered vegan chocolate creme brulee, made with silken tofu (I wish it was aquafaba as I am allergic to soya), but I was impressed with his creativity and enthusiasm for his vegan dishes.   Steven however had a big grin on his face, as he will be testing the creme brulee

I was impressed with the whole concept of Elnecot, loved the venue, the food, the wine and the front of house staff, especially Anna were really friendly.

What a great area Ancoats is becoming, with Ancoats Coffee, Ancoats General Store, Seven Brothers bar, Rudy's Pizza and now Elnecote to name but a few, I can see me heading up there in the future.